Disruptive Sensors for Mass Markets

Aeluma is developing disruptive sensor technology for vehicles, mobile devices and other applications. Aeluma’s proprietary technology combines high performance compound semiconductor nanomaterials with scalable silicon manufacturing, which is commonly used for mass market microelectronics.

Innovative Technology Made Affordable for Consumers

The demand for LiDAR by Automotive OEMs is increasing. High performance semiconductor sensor technologies are key components for mid- and long-range LiDAR, but they are expensive to manufacture. Aeluma’s technology aims to provide increased visibility at longer range cost effectively. Aeluma’s disruptive technology is scalable, cost effective, and doesn’t sacrifice performance.

Operations Built for Scalable Manufacturing

Aeluma is based in Goleta, California, which is known as the Infrared Capital of the World. The Company operates in a 9,000 sq. ft. facility with a state-of-the-art R&D/manufacturing cleanroom and access to world-class rapid prototyping capabilities. The Aeluma facility houses unique equipment for scalable manufacturing and Aeluma additionally partners with production-scale foundries. Aeluma also maintains extensive patent protection and trade secrets.

Applications Across Industries

While a current company focus is automotive LiDAR, Aeluma’s technologies are broadly applicable. High performance and scalable semiconductors are critical for industrial automation, machine vision, robotics, mobile, AR/VR, defense & aerospace, 3D imaging, communications, quantum computing, and AI.