Sensing Reimagined™

Enabling the future of automation with high performance sensors

Aeluma is a leading-edge semiconductor company specializing in scalable, cost-effective technologies for numerous applications including LiDAR (light detection and ranging) and imaging.

Disruptive Chip-Level Technology for Large-Scale Manufacturing

Aeluma develops novel optoelectronic devices for sensing and communications. Our technology has the potential to enhance performance and provide a path to cost-effective, large-scale manufacturing, both of which are critical for future LiDAR and other sensor applications.

Innovative Sensors for Autonomous and Assisted Driving

LiDAR is essential for Autonomous Driving and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Aeluma’s technology aims to provide increased visibility at longer range cost effectively.

Applications Beyond Automotive

In addition to automotive LiDAR, our technology can service a variety of markets including industrial automation, machine vision, robotics, mobile, AR/VR, defense & aerospace, communications, quantum computing, AI and others.

Leading the Way in Scalable Manufacturing

Founded in 2019, Aeluma seeks to leverage its proprietary technology to enable cost-effective scaling of high performance technologies for LiDAR sensors. Aeluma’s technology breakthrough combines compound semiconductor nanomaterials with large-scale silicon manufacturing. The Company has established a headquarters housing a state-of-the-art manufacturing cleanroom in the high-tech corridor of Goleta, CA, and a world-class and highly skilled technical team.

Guided by Experienced and Knowledgeable Leadership

Aeluma's leadership team comprises of industry veterans and scientific experts with experiences from leading organizations in the semiconductor, automotive, telecommunications, wireless, and LiDAR industries.